our service

We aim to provide provisions to last a minimum of 3 days depending on the size of the family. Our Regular Care Package contains a loaf of bread, eggs and a litre of milk. Our guests can also choose a number of items from the display shelfs. These include coffee, tea, oil, sugar, salt, cans of fruits and vegetables, soups, pasta rice etc. By offering a choice of foods we believe we can exercise some choice in our users diet. This is further reinforced in our ‘specials counter’ where our guests can choose from a variety of items such as fresh fruit and vegetables, butter, cheese and yoghurt. We are mindful of trying to balance choice with healthy living.


Please note, on arrival at CRFB you will be required to register and eligibility for our service will be assessed. Therefore, please remember to bring proof of your welfare entitlement or financial situation.  We try our best not to turn anyone away.